Best Waterproof Running Jacket: Top Contenders Reviewed [For Men and Women]

Running strengthens your bones and muscles, improves heart health, helps maintain a healthy weight, and perhaps most importantly, gets the endorphins going.

If you’re serious about running and have set some goals, the last thing that you want stopping you is a little precipitation.

And thankfully, there are several waterproof running jackets available in the market for reasonable prices. Getting your hands on one of these will ensure that rain does not slow you down. Plus, running in the rain can be exhilarating.

But finding the perfect waterproof running jacket from an ocean of options can be very challenging – especially if you’ve never bought a waterproof jacket before.

We’ve reviewed ten of the best waterproof running jackets available, and the guide below will help you pick the waterproof jacket that best suits your needs.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Running Jacket

Not all waterproof jackets are created equal – some can only protect you from the wind, while others may keep you dry but fail to keep you warm.

Jackets also differ in durability, portability, features, and fit. Boiling your decision down to just the price isn’t the right way to go about purchasing a waterproof jacket for running.

Here is a list of things you must consider when looking for a running jacket to ensure you make the right purchase decision:


Running causes friction between your skin and your clothes, and while a little friction between cloth and skin isn’t a problem for most, runners know that sweat and friction cause heat rashes.

Luckily, though, finding a breathable running jacket isn’t very difficult. Look for a jacket with vents or a mesh panel on the back and under the arms. These help the heat from your body escape.

While vents help, buying a jacket that’s made from breathable material is the best way to go. High-quality running jackets are made from breathable fabric and also have vents on hotspots, keeping you comfortable throughout your run in the rain.

Wind Proofing 

Not every jacket that’s waterproof is windproof. Rain causes a drop in temperature, and cold winds will inevitably blow your way. Running in the rain is only fun when you’re not freezing.

Windproof jackets have a soft outer shell, enabling them to act as a windbreaker. These also have cuffs, a close-fitting neck, and a waistband that protects your torso from the cold. These design elements also make such jackets an effective piece of clothing to wear when it’s snowing and you want to run.

Getting a waterproof windbreaker is the right way to go you live in a chilly area – even if it doesn’t snow where you live.


The right running jacket will give full mobility to your arms, and that counts for a lot. You don’t want your jacket limiting your movement when you’re in the zone.

A great way to check if a jacket will limit your arm movement is to raise your hands overhead when you try it on. If it doesn’t ride up your body, the running jacket fits you right. 

It’s also important to consider whether your jacket comes with a hood or not. If you always wear a cap on your run anyway, you might feel like avoiding jackets with hoods. 

But we recommend getting a running jacket with a hood since they help keep the rain off your head. At the very least, get a jacket that comes with a detachable hood – you can stuff it in the jacket’s pocket and use it when you need it.


If you’re a new runner, you may dismiss the weight of the jacket as a characteristic of no significance. However, heavy jackets make it difficult to move and can feel too warm on most days.

You don’t need to get a heavy jacket and tough it out – if it’s too cold out, you can always put on another layer of clothing under your jacket.

We recommend you get the lightest waterproof running jacket you can. Not only are these comfortable, but they’re also easy to pack and carry around.

Weather Protection

At this point, we’ve established that the jacket should be able to protect you from the rain and also allow sweat to vaporize quickly so you can be comfortable.

Noting the difference between waterproof, water-resistant, and water-repellent jackets is of prime importance before you start sifting through your options online or in stores.

Water-resistant jackets are thin and act as a barrier between your body and the elements. When it rains, the water will bead on the surface of these jackets and run off. You can check for this effect in the store by pouring some water on the jacket. 

However, sometimes during extended use, a little water soaks into these jackets.

On the other hand, water-repellent jackets have a coating that makes the material difficult for water to penetrate. These are less effective than water-resistant jackets.

Lastly, fully waterproof jackets boast both the material and construction required to make them fully resistant to moisture. While these are effective, they aren’t suitable for most since they’re hefty. 

A waterproof jacket’s moisture resistance is typically represented by 10K/10K, 15K/15K, and 20K/20K. 

10K/10K jackets are great for mild to heavy rains, 15K/15K jackets can take quite a heavy lashing, and 20K/20K jackets are perfect for use in areas that receive extremely heavy rainfall. 


One of the biggest things you need to consider is whether you typically run at night.

If you do, you must wear the right gear, so you remain visible to drivers. A lot of jackets come with small reflective detailing. While they don’t make you super visible, having them on your jacket in the night is a lot better than not having them.

If you almost always run at night, getting a fully reflective jacket is the best way to go. 


A basic waterproof jacket almost never cuts it. Here are some extra features you can look for in your running jacket:

  • Waterproof zip pockets for your phone
  • Earphone slits
  • Reflective markings

Some waterproof running jackets can be folded into small packets that you can slip into your back or even your pocket when you don’t need it.

10 Best Waterproof Running Jackets

#1 FROGG TOGGS Xtreme Lite Women’s Packable Rain Jacket

The FROGG TOGGS women’s jacket is one of the most affordable waterproof running jackets on this list. However, no compromises are made to its quality.

It is breathable and wind-resistant and manages to remain quite lightweight despite being waterproof.

The jacket features an adjustable attached hood that comes with E-Z push cord locks. It also boasts an adjustable waist, which also comes with the same E-Z push cord locks that ensure a comfortable-yet-secure fit.

The zippered side pockets allow you to put your phone away without worrying about it getting wet. The self-storage pocket is large, too.

One of the best design details is certainly the fully taped seams – these help keep you dry. For the price, there aren’t many other jackets that offer better value than the FROGG TOGGS rain jacket.

Customer Sentiments

Customers appreciate the design – it comes in four color options, all of which have a modern and forthright appearance. The sleeves’ length is just right, and customers find that the hood is the perfect size.

One customer even compares it to a $150 Marmot jacket – but we don’t think this FROGG TOGGS jacket is a replacement for one of those.


  • Affordable
  • Uses E-Z push cord locks
  • It comes with zippered side pockets
  • Fully taped seams
  • Large self-storage pocket


  • No vents

#2 Diamond Candy Women’s Waterproof Running Jacket 

The Diamond Candy waterproof jacket is slightly more expensive than the FROGG TOGGS jacket. However, it boasts a thicker construction and a more attractive design. 

But there’s more that makes the jacket impressive. It uses two layers of fabric – the inner fleece layer is softer and warmer and helps keep you cool by drying sweat quickly. 

The outer layer of fabric is not just waterproof, but it’s also lightweight and skin-friendly.

The jacket comes with two zippered hand pockets, and a zippered chest pocket, giving you some space to put your keys away. The internal pocket enables you to put your phone away comfortably.

You can tighten the cuffs on a windy day, and if it isn’t raining, you can remove the hood and put it away. 

But perhaps the best thing about the jacket is the wear-resistant, soft outer shell ensures that the jacket will serve you for years.

Customer Sentiments

One thing customers appreciate the most is the value offered for the money – it has four pockets, a wear-resistant shell, adjustable cuffs, and a removable hood.

Many customers also report that the jacket is roomy, allowing you to add additional layers if it’s too cold.


  • Four pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Available in five colors
  • Wear-resistant outer shell


  • Can be tight at the hips

#3 Zeagoo Lightweight Windbreaker For Women 

If it doesn’t rain much where you live, and you primarily need a jacket to keep you from getting cold, the Zeagoo jacket may be perfect for you.

It’s the most affordable jacket on this list and comes in ten colors, giving you a lot of options.

The jacket is made from nylon material, and while it waterproof, it is only designed to protect you from light rain. Its primary purpose is to serve as a windbreaker – a purpose it fulfills exceptionally well.

It comes with two zipper pockets and two inner pockets, enabling you to put away your phone and keys without any hassle. While the hood is not detachable, it can be packed into the collar.

But the best thing about the windbreaker is that the cuffs and the waist are both adjustable, enabling you to protect yourself from cold winds without getting too uncomfortable.

Customer Sentiments

Customers love that they can pack up the jacket and throw it in their purse or bag when the weather’s looking iffy.

They also love that it comes in several colors – finding one that goes with your running clothes should be easy.


  • Lightweight
  • Four pockets
  • Adjustable cuffs and waist
  • Dries quickly


  • Cannot protect you from heavy rain

#4 BALEAF Women’s Cycling Running Jacket

BALEAF’s waterproof running jacket can take up to 5000mm of pressure and boasts a breathability rating of 3000g/m2/24hr. 

It is also fully-seam sealed, meaning cold winds won’t get the best of you when you run in the rain.

It is incredibly lightweight for a completely waterproof jacket, and you can pack it into a self-contained bundle with ease and store it.

It comes with vents in the back, helping you stay cool throughout your run. The elastic rope incorporated into the hood protects your hair and head from the rain.

But perhaps what’s most impressive about the lightweight jacket is that it comes with five pockets. There’s a pocket on the back, two zippered hand pockets, and two inner pockets. The inner pockets allow you to put away your keys and a 6.5” phone securely.

The reasonable pricing, coupled with the 90-day refund assurance, make it one of the best waterproof running jackets money can buy.

Customer Sentiments

One of the things every customer appreciates is the bright color of the jacket – if you decide to run at night, you can put this on and run safely.

However, customers complain that the fit is too tight, and getting it one size larger than what you need is the right way to go.


  • Reasonable pricing
  • Five pockets
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with vents
  • 90-day refund assurance


  • One size too small 

#5 Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket

If you’re picky about colors and want to get a quality jacket in the color of your choice, the Columbia Women’s Arcadia II Jacket is worth taking a look at.

It comes in over two dozen colors, and the nylon-polyester combination of fabric makes it both lightweight and comfortable.

The jacket features the company’s signature air-permeable protection, making it one of the most breathable waterproof running jackets for women.

Adjusting the hood is easy with the drawcord, and while the jacket does not come with an inner pocket, it does feature zippered hand pockets.

It is designed to be packed into itself, which means you can easily slip it into your bag on days where the weather looks iffy.

Customer Sentiments

Other than the fact that the jacket comes in several colors, customers love that the jacket has adjustable cuffs, hood, and waist.

The mesh lining makes the jacket extremely comfortable to run in and drives customers to recommend it.


  • Available in over 24 colors
  • Adjustable hood, cuffs, and waist
  • Breathable mesh lining
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Different sizing scheme 

#6 Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

The Watertight II comes lined with a layer of mesh, keeping you cool and comfortable throughout your run.

Another design detail we like is that it comes with slightly longer sleeves and also has a longer body length. This ensures that you remain dry and warm even if winds are blowing hard.

It also comes with a hood that will easily cover all of your head. The incorporated drawstring enables you to tighten the hood when the wind is blowing hard.

The slim design, two zippered pockets, and the abrasion-resistant chin guard make it one of the best running jackets you can get your hands on.

Customer Sentiments

Customers report that the jacket does an amazing job of keeping them dry. It also works great as a windbreaker.

Many recommend it because it can pack into itself, and you can slip it into your bag when you’re headed out or going camping. 


  • Available in many colors
  • Abrasion-resistant chin guard
  • Mesh lining
  • Packs into itself
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Hood not detachable

#7 BALEAF Men’s Running Jacket

The BALEAF jacket is the right running jacket to get if you like to run at night. It comes in six colors, one of which is fluorescent yellow, which is very easy to see.

The insides of the jacket are laminated with TPU, giving it 5000mm waterproofing and a breathability rating of 3000g/m2/24hr.

You can pack the jacket into its back pocket for easy storage, and the venting system on the back of the jacket keeps you comfortable throughout your run.

It also features a hem anti-skid, preventing jacket ride-up during runs.

But perhaps the most impressive feature of the BALEAF jacket is that it comes with six pockets. There’s one on the back, one at the chest, two hand pockets, and two inner pockets.

The jacket boasts a big hood, preventing the rainwater from getting into your eyes. This makes running and cycling with it on that much easier.

The company offers a 90-day zero-risk replacement guarantee, making it that much better of a deal.

Customer Sentiments

It’s high visibility and the adjustable hood are two of the things customers like about the BALEAF jacket. 

However, some customers complain that it is too warm for their liking.


  • Easy storage
  • Six pockets
  • High visibility
  • Large hood
  • 90-day replacement guarantee


  • Does not ventilate well

#8 ARSUXEO Winter Warm UP Softshell Jacket

If it rains heavily where you live, and you enjoy a good run in the rain, the ARSUXEO jacket is the perfect jacket to buy.

It has three layers of fabric – the top layer is rugged and protects your torso from strong winds. The second layer is made from waterproof material and finished with a membrane film. The innermost layer is made from soft fleece, making the jacket super comfortable to have on.

It comes with a drop tail, protecting you from cold finds from the back. It also has reflective elements on both the front and the back, enabling you to use it if you decide to run in the night.

The stretch inserts, longer cuffs, and extended neck make the jacket a great choice if you live in a particularly cold area.

Customer Sentiments

The reasonable pricing is one of the key selling factors that customers appreciate. Customers also like that the jacket comes in seven different colors and is available in all sizes.

However, many customers mention that the jackets run small – getting a size bigger than you usually get is a good idea.


  • Three layers design
  • Drop tail
  • Reflective elements for night runs
  • Available in seven colors and five sizes


  • Jackets run small

#9 MARMOT Men’s PreCip Jacket

The MARMOT PreCip jacket comes with the company’s signature Nanopro fabric, which will protect you from snow, wind, and rain. The jacket’s taped seams ensure that the jacket remains waterproof.

It also comes with a hood that you can roll up when it’s not in use. There’s a chin guard in place that protects you from getting scratched when the jacket is fully zipped.

One of the best things about the jacket is that it comes with Pitzips – zippered openings under the arms that increase airflow. The angel-wing movement design gives you full mobility, and when the rain stops, you can roll the jacket up and put it away.

Customer Sentiments

Customers report that the MARMOT protects them from heavy rain well – the raindrops bead and fall off, and none of them penetrate the fabric.


  • Breathable Nanopro fabric
  • Taped seams
  • Pit zips 
  • Angel-wing movement design


  • Sleeves not tight enough

#10 SWISSWELL Men’s Running Jacket

If you’re looking for a jacket that’s both windproof and waterproof, the SWISSWELL jacket is one of your best options.

The collar is lined with fleece, ensuring zero abrasion and that you’re comfortable throughout your run.

It can be compressed and stored with ease and comes with reflective graphics that will keep you safe if you were to run at night.

You can also adjust the cuffs to keep the cold winds and rain out, and the elasticated hem will ensure that the jacket doesn’t flap around when you’re running.

Customer Sentiments

The great fit, attractive design, and low price make the SWISSWELL jacket easy for customers to recommend.


  • Waterproof rated 5,000mm, 
  • Breathable jacket
  • Fleece-lined collar
  • Reflective details on the back
  • Adjustable cuffs


  • No side pockets


The BALEAF jackets for men and women offer great value for money – they have a lot of pockets, boast a comfortable fit, and work as intended, keeping you protected when you’re running and it starts to rain.

We can unreservedly recommend them to any runner looking for a comfy waterproof jacket.